Chapter 10: The Second-Amended Strategy & the Ever-Enduring 10-Bagger Model

Bullish Cross adds subscribers on a regular basis now, and the biggest request made by these investors is for us to offer up a way for them to participate in each of our investment strategies. A lot of new subscribers want a way to participate in a strategy that we have already set in motion. For example, we kicked-off the 10-bagger investment strategy back in August and we’ve already successfully completed one leg to the strategy.

Yet, given what I’ve observed among our subscribers, I’ve decided to significantly amend the 10-bagger investment thesis in such a way that it becomes slightly more conservative while preserving the essence of the thesis and that is to offer a strategy whereby the investor would be able to produce a 1000% return if everything goes as expected. Remember, this is a very aggressive strategy that is meant to be employed with only a very small amount of capital and in most cases, it should be well hedged.

Now the major amendment we’ve made for the strategy makes it perfectly possible and reasonable for anyone to be able to participate at any point in time. Someone who is 100% cash with respect to this very particular thesis will be able to participate starting tomorrow. The second major amendment we’ve made is that we’ve reduced the risk quite a bit.

We’ve made it so that the only way you can end up getting knocked out of the thesis is that you would literally have to completely lose three consecutive trades. Whereas before if you lost two consecutive bets you were out immediately. Moreover, we’ve set it up in a way such that if you lose on a leg, you can quickly recover.
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